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Sam's Beef Info pdf.

Juicy, succulent, mouthwatering beef that feeds the body everything it needs. Mind & body medicine.

This is the real deal. Grass fed, nutrient dense, top-quality meat. You won't find anything better. Farmed and grazed out on the grass. Welcome to the best meat your hands are going to get hold of. I had a look around and you can't find it cheaper for that quality.

Sam Pearson and his family in the rain-safe upland pastures of Wales are putting serious time and effort into raising this beef the way it should be raised. The cattle are only fed what nature intended - grass. Not fattened up with pelleted feeds like many other quality meats but allowed to graze naturally with high welfare standards for the full 3 years it takes them to grow healthily and happily. The grass has no artificial fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides or any other chemicals on it. The cattle's lives are ended with care and thought to cause the least stress possible.


The beef is carefully matured (3 weeks) and butchered into super tasty cuts to allow it to arrive to you beautifully packed in a refrigerated box to ensure freshness.


How to order

This is not a large scale commercial outfit so they take the orders themselves and then choose the cattle they need to fulfil the orders. No waste going on here. The ordering system reflects this small scale. The best way to do it is get in touch with Sam at Sam Pearson’s Farming:


Mention Silverback Tarzan so he knows how you found him and he’ll take you through the ordering process. We get our beef from him in exchange for promoting his product which we are more than happy to do as we know how good it is. You won't pay any extra to us as a middle man. His whole ethos is one of kindness to people, planet, animals and full of heart.

This is an amazing way to get beef that you feel good about ordering knowing you're supporting environmentally healthy growing; you won't be eating any nasty chemicals and at a really good price. Proper real meat.


So happy Dinner Tonight! Let us know how you get on.

Sam's Beef Info pdf.


    Please mention SIlverback Tarzan so he knows how you found him. 

    Delicious Dinner on it's way.



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