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Cosmic Entertainment

Real health from the ground up


AKA Matt Lewis Chief Flying Instructor and owner at Airsports Sussex. 

I have always cycled, run about and been interested in fitness. I wanted to be a person who was clean, strong and healthy, an all rounder with a mind that works. I was lucky enough to grow up with influences that motivated me towards this organic, strong, peaceful, meditative and disciplined type of life. At over 50 I’ve been through the good times and the bad and I’ve learned that it really is the simple things - training, eating, sleeping and looking after relationships that are what we need to feel alright.

I feel good inside and I don’t suffer that hard and I want to share that with everybody because as I look around I see a lot of pain and mental illness, souls hurting and suffering.

All we need is some nutritious food, some loving attention, some exercise and embracing ourselves with nature. To stay firmly footed on the ground and keep our human natural qualities: health and mental wellbeing.

Everything I am sharing with you here is from my own experience and practice. I am not a PT, psychotherapist or nutritionist. I am a lover of learning & life exploring my thoughts and energy with this amazing community.

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